Ransomware: How to Keep your Business Safe from Extortion Malware

This whitepaper from ESET is designed to help companies mitigate the risks of ransomware infection. It documents frequently used attack vendors, offers guidance on how to effectively protect company devices and their contents, and the options available when devices or files have already been taken hostage.

With the use of ransomware increasing as a form of malware for cybercriminals make sure you are protected and know how to combat infection by downloading this piece using the form.

Trends 2017: Security Held Ransom

For many years ESET has been issuing its Trends report which provides a review of the latest and most significant developments in information security, and presents the key topics of relevance for businesses and users for the upcoming year.

More and more devices and technologies mean greater challenges when it comes to maintaining information security and the Trends 2017 report looks into to security at every level to combat this.

Download the whitepaper using the form to make sure you are ready for the security changes coming in 2017.

The Path to Better BYOD

This infographic from Softchoice examines the differences between the user experience and the IT experience when implementing a BYOD strategy. From end-user demand for anywhere access, to network security, quick application load times, and a virtual desktop & app infrastructure, this infographic helps ensure your back-end can support the new demands BYOD places on your IT environment.

Top 4 considerations on The Path to Better BYOD:

  1. Ensure your WiFi and LAN corporate network can handle an influx of new and unique IP addresses from Wifi-enabled smart devices.
  2. Double check user authentication with a contextually aware access layer.
  3. Virtualize! Centralizing desktops and virtualizing apps makes your infrastructure more efficient, and allows devices to quickly send information and consume applications over the network.
  4. Ease the burden of managing a disparate, siloed environments using unified management solutions – think single pane management and drag and drop provisioning.

Microsoft Windows 10: Upgrade Guide for Education

A comprehensive guide to Windows 10 tailored to Educators, School Administrators and IT Professionals in Education.

  • New Education licensing options
  • Deployment and migration tips
  • Low-cost Windows 10 devices
  • Features and apps teachers will love

Teachers Speak: Technology in the Classroom


The ORION Nexus K-12 survey directly engaged Ontario-based kindergarten to twelfth grade (K-12) teachers on how connectivity impacts blended learning in their classrooms.

Through this online survey, ORION’s purpose was to study teachers’ experiences of their classroom’s connectivity and gather the teachers’ recommendations on how to improve their use and access to connectivity.

Past Speaker Q&A eBook

Q&A with past speakers at the 5th Annual Summit on Education Technology Strategies for K-12 Schools, Colleges & Universities.

Read what speakers from last year have to say about the use and future of education technology in today’s class rooms.