Technology in education is advancing at a rapid pace. Learn how you can design an innovative learning environment. Discover through case studies and interactive presentations how all levels of education are transforming how they deliver curriculums in a mobile learning environment.

Hear about provincial government regulations that are integrating next generation education tools for the future of learning.

Gain a new understanding of the infrastructure necessary to align with your policies and goals of administration and IT departments.

Take away key insights into:
  1. Funding:: Implement new approaches to gain a return on investment
  2. Data Privacy:: Evaluate how to maintain safeguards against data collected
  3. Network Infrastructure:: Develop the infrastructure you need for your institutions
  4. Student Outcomes:: Assess the right options for students’ needs
  5. Cloud Integration:: Adopt a cloud operating system that meets your requirements
  6. Gamification:: Integrate gaming design principles into your curriculums
  7. Mobile Device Management:: Design a strategy to accommodate for a multitude of devices
  8. Learning Analytics:: Extract the data necessary to utilize analytics in the development of policies

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